February 2009

To Err is Marlin

errors.JPGIs it ever too early to panic when you’re a Marlins fan? Well, I guess the answer is yes, there are probably many cases where panic is premature. Like the opening spring training game on February 25th. But this is HLD&S; panic is what we do best. Get out your Xanax and paper sacks and read on.

I should have been focused on the excitement in the air yesterday as the Marlins took on the Cardinals in their spring opener. Instead, as I kept one eyeball on the box score from my desk at work, what I was mostly focusing on were the errors that kept piling up as the game went on. 
I’m fully aware that this is Spring Training, and numbers don’t matter much, especially on day one. Do we rejoice as though we are headed to the world series when our team wins their first Grapefruit game of the spring? No. That would just be silly. So should I be filled with a sense of dread that my team was the worst in baseball defensively yesterday? Maybe not. But having dealt with some fairly heinous defense over the last several seasons, I couldn’t help but be a little bummed as the Marlins committed more errors than anybody in baseball.
My buddy at Marlins Musings took the four errors in stride with a lightheartedness that I envy. But I can’t help thinking that regardless of the fact that it’s the opening spring game and players are rusty, so were the other 26 teams that played yesterday and managed to not do that. Oh, Florida Marlins. Every off-season we hear the speeches about a renewed focus on defense, and for the last several years we have been sorely disappointed. I’m not asking for perfection, but at least a small improvement over last year would be nice.
Yesterdays E’s probably mean nothing. Maybe the Fish will have a much better season defensively in 2009. Maybe Hanley and Uggs will win gold gloves (bahahahahahahahaha!!! I amuse me). I really don’t care if the Marlins commit 90 errors in a game that doesn’t count. As long as they show us good defense during the regular season, I’ll be happy. 
On that note, HLD&S will be paying especially close attention to defense in 2009. If you thought I was merciless last season (*cough*Cantu*cough*), you have seen nothing yet.